PHP 8.0.0 Released!

Other changes

  • E_ALL now includes E_STRICT level errors in the error_reporting configuration directive.
  • SNMP now has an OOP API. Functions now return FALSE on every error condition including SNMP-related (no such instance, end of MIB, etc). Thus, in particular, breaks previous behavior of get/walk functions returning an empty string on SNMP-related errors. Multi OID get/getnext/set queries are now supported. Dropped UCD-SNMP compatibility code, consider upgrading to net-snmp v5.3+, Net-SNMP v5.4+ is required for Windows version. In sake of adding support for IPv6 DNS name resolution of remote SNMP agent (peer) is done by extension now, not by Net-SNMP library anymore.
  • OpenSSL now supports AES.
  • CLI SAPI doesn't terminate any more on fatal errors when using interactive mode with readline support.
  • $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME_FLOAT'] has been added to include microsecond precision.
  • Added new hash algorithms: fnv132, fnv164, joaat
  • Chained string offsets - e.g. $a[0][0] where $a is a string - now work.
  • Arrays cast from SimpleXMLElement now always contain all nodes instead of just the first matching node. All SimpleXMLElement children are now always printed when using var_dump(), var_export() and print_r().
  • It's now possible to enforce the class' __construct arguments in an abstract constructor in the base class.
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